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Lights Out For Wish On Florida| Restaurant Permanently Closes Doors After AKA’s Shooting

Wish On Florida, the restaurant where South African rapper AKA was fatally shot and killed on February 10, 2023, has announced that it will be closing down.

AKA had just finished his meal at the restaurant and was outside saying goodbye to his friends when an unidentified gunman approached and shot him in the head alongside his friend, Tebello Tibz Motsoane.

On its Instagram page, Wish On Florida has released a statement declaring that it will be shutting down for good on April 10, 2023.

As a send-off, the restaurant will be holding a final event called “The Last Supper” on its closing day.


It is with great sadness that we announce the imminent closure of Wish On Florida effective 10th April 2023 – where we will be hosting -“The Last Supper,” reads part of the statement.

According to Wish On Florida’s statement, the restaurant suffered a significant decline in business following the tragic death of AKA just outside their premises. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance, the owners had no choice but to shut down their operations. The statement also expressed gratitude to their valued stakeholders for their support during the restaurant’s three-year run.

In light of the recent tragic event on our doorstep we have experienced a severe downturn in business which leaves the directors with no other choice but to close the business permanently as the brand equity of Wish On Florida has been deeply hindered.

Wish On Florida was certainly a wish come true for two black entrepreneurs who dedicated the last three years to building a successful black-owned restaurant in the heart of Durban, winning the Emerging Tounsm Entrepreneur Award at the Durban Tourism Business Awards in 2022.
We would like to thank the city of Durban for the tremendous support in the last three years – catering to you and the rest of the country has been an absolute joy and your support will forever be engraved on Wish On Florida’s legacy.

We would also like to thank the various brands & suppliers who’ve been part of the Wish On Florida family since we opened our doors. With very little knowledge of the industry, you walked us through the business of hospitality and delivered exceptional service and for that, we will forever be grateful
Last, but not least – our staff members who are the fabric that held Wish On Florida together – this was not an easy decision Our efforts to keep our doors open to ensure the security of your employment has been difficult, and unfortunately, the above mentioned has led to an untimely farewell. Thank you for your outstanding dedication and passion to providing the best service and quality to Wish On Florida. Thank you for embracing and embodying our vision and bringing it to life every day for the last three years. Thank you for making Wish On Florida a dream come true.

Additionally, in the statement, Wish On Florida extended an invitation to members of the public to join them during their last few days of trading. The restaurant has planned several exciting activities to make their farewell memorable and invites all interested parties to come and participate.

We invite the public to join us on our last trading week as we have an exciting line-up of activations from the 7th April 2023 leading up to -The Last Supper- on the 10th April 2023. Follow our social media accounts for more information.

From the Wish On Florida team, we thank you once again for your support.

“A Wish Is A Start Of A Dream”

Mixed Reactions As Wish On Florida Shuts Down

The sudden closure of Wish On Florida and the timing of their final event, “The Last Supper,” which coincides with the date of AKA’s death, has generated significant buzz on social media.

Some people have raised concerns and suspicions that the restaurant’s owners may have had some involvement in the rapper’s assassination. Below are some of the comments on social media.


The owners were definitely involved in AKA’s assassination. They are the very same people who owned Yugo nightclub, the very same nightclub AKA was supposed to perform at, that fateful night. Someone conspired with them to bring AKA to Durban.


Last supper someone will die. Remember they were not operational and reopened when AKA was there and now the job is done so they’ll close. Owner got his cut


I think labelling the 10th of April their last day “The Last Supper” is very distasteful and disrespectful to the family of AKA as Kiernan had his last meal with his friends in their restaurant and was also labelled the Last Supper…I don’t know why they thought it was okay


And why are they closing it on the 10th? Why the 10th 😢.A bit insensitive I must say.

Aka wish On Florida

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