Lesego Tlhabi Finally Finds Happiness…Again

It was frustration and tears yesterday on the TL as allegations by television presenter, author, and comedian Lesego Tlhabi caused an uproar. The SABC 3 #TrendingSA presenter threw a fit on the timeline accusing high-end fashion designer Quinteria Kekana of shouting fat phobic slurs at her in her store. The drama continued to unfold as Kekana responded to these allegations on his social media, rubbishing the claims as both fabrication and misinterpretation.

A fuming Kekana took to Instagram to explain that he will not be issuing any apology to anyone because he believes he was not in the wrong, adding that he works with fat people and that his own mother was fat, a size 42 according to the flamboyant designer who has apparently tried to take his life no less than six times. Another designer and ex-business partner George was fuming and went on a rant demanded that his name be disassociated with yesterday’s controversy. The incident soon turned into a spectacle as social media users started making fun of Kekana’s indiscernible accent, saying it was a strange hybrid and mimicry.

Nonetheless, Lesego is clearly not one to hold on to pain and grudges and seems to have moved on from the TL drama from the previous day. Earlier today a happier Tlhabi posted a tweet of herself ice skating for a shoot involving Adidas and Ivy Park, tagging photographer Kagiso Phaswana. A jovial Tlhabi is seen waltzing on ice in what she describes as a happy place from her childhood.

@LesegoTlhabi BTS for yesterday’s shoot with @KagisoPhaswana who sat on the ice for some shots. Pushpin: my childhood happy place. I haven’t skated in almost 18 years so it was a bit shaky Anyway… a whole me for @adidasZA @WeAreIvyPark #icypark #adidasxIVYPARK


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