Lebo M Mbongeni NgemaLebo M and Mbongeni Ngema-Image Source@imzansi

Sarafina movie producer Mbongeni Ngema recently stirred up controversy during an interview on the King David Mashabela podcast. He claimed that he played a pivotal role in opening doors for Lebo M, the renowned composer of ‘The Lion King,’ through his iconic animated 1994 movie, Sarafina.

According to Ngema, during his tour in America for Sarafina, he encountered Lebo M, who was a young aspiring talent at the time. Lebo M expressed his desire to be part of Sarafina, and Ngema agreed. Ngema further asserted that Lebo M’s big break came with ‘The Lion King,’ implying a connection between the two projects.

Lebo M’s Response

Lebo M, however, has vehemently denied Ngema’s claims and is reportedly considering legal action against him. In response to the allegations, Lebo M stated, “I get it, when people are trying to rebuild their careers, the most convenient thing to do to get attention is to use my name and brand, but this is beyond silly.”

He added, “This is now a legacy issue, we are considering our options with my legal team.”

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