Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@InstagramLebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram

Lebo M’s Wife Files For Protection Order Amid Divorce Proceedings

Just recently, the ongoing saga of Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake has taken a new turn, with Pretty Samuels-Morake, Lebo M’s estranged wife, obtaining a protection order against him. This legal maneuver comes in the midst of their messy divorce proceedings, which have been making headlines.

Protection Order Granted

According to reliable sources, Pretty Samuels-Morake, who is also known as Lebo M’s wife, made the decision to serve her husband with a protection order earlier this week. This move has added a layer of complexity to their already tumultuous relationship. Grammy award-winning producer Lebo M, whose real name is Lebohang Morake, responded by instructing his legal team to initiate the delivery of divorce summons to the sheriff for personal service to Samuels. She had indicated her willingness to personally collect the divorce documents from the Midrand sheriff’s office.

Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@Instagram
Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@Instagram

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Lebo M’s wife on asking for a protection order

Morake expressed her perspective on the matter, stating, “I’m exercising my legal rights as a wife. I stand by my statements. As a legal wife, I have my rights.” She explained that her actions were within the boundaries of the law and justified her need for police presence during the delivery of documents due to her restricted access to the property. She clarified that her intent was to deliver a protection order and emphasized that her legal rights granted her the authority to take such actions.

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The Divorce and Allegations

Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram
Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram

The marriage between Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake lasted a mere 18 months before taking a contentious turn towards separation. The conflict escalated when Lebo M alleged that he had discovered muthi (traditional medicine) “tucked away” in Samuels’ closet. Lebo M’s decision to call off their wedding earlier this month was predicated on Samuels’ refusal to sign an affidavit affirming that she hadn’t opened any life insurance policies in his name.

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This divorce drama has captivated public attention with its unexpected twists and turns. As the legal proceedings continue, the intricacies of the relationship between Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake continue to unravel, revealing a complex web of emotions and legal considerations.

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