Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@InstagramLebo M and Pretty Samuels-Image Source@Instagram

Lebo M Gives Wife Ultimatum And Hires Divorce Lawyers

Pretty Samuels-Morake, the estranged wife of Lebo “Lebo M” Morake, the producer of the Lion King musical, is facing allegations of taking life policies in his name using his digital signature. Lebo M says he is afraid that she might harm him to claim the policies.

Lebo M seeks divorce and affidavit from wife

Lebo M announced on Thursday that he has hired lawyers to file for divorce from Samuels-Morake. He said the main reason for the divorce is that he has not received an affidavit from her that he asked for on July 8.

The affidavit, according to Lebo M, should confirm that there are no policies that she has taken in his name, and he is unaware of, that would make her and others beneficiaries in case of his death. He gave the Samuels family a deadline of 4pm to produce the affidavit.

Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@Instagram
Lebo M and Pretty Samuels-Morake-Image Source@Instagram

Lebo M’s lawyers, BK Msimeki Attorneys, said that they are working on his draft divorce summons. They said that Lebo M wants to dissolve the marriage as quickly as possible.

Lebo M’s history of failed marriages

This is not the first time that Lebo M has been involved in a bitter divorce. The producer has been married and divorced four times before. He was married to Viveca Gipson for five years, Nandi Ndlovu for 11 years, Angela Ngani-Casara for five years, and Ngani-Casara again for another four years.

He also had a broken engagement with actress Zoe Mthiyane in 2016. He got engaged to Samuels-Morake in April 2021, but their relationship soon turned sour.

Lebo M said that he will not comment on the scandalous allegations and innuendos about his personal and business life. He said that he is focused on moving forward with the divorce and his career.

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