LEAKED PICS| AKA Beating Up His Girlfriend, Anele Before She Committed Suicide

LEAKED PICS| AKA Beating Up His Girlfriend, Anele Before She Committed Suicide
LEAKED PICS| AKA Breaking down a door where his girlfriend, Anele Tembe was allegedly hiding. Source: News24

Pictures have leaked on social media showing an angry AKA breaking down a door in his apartment where his late girlfriend, Anele Tembe was hiding.

This was almost a month before she committed suicide, reports have alleged.

AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes lost his fiancé to suicide on the 11th of April.

She is said to have jumped from a 15 storey hotel in Cape Town.

Hotel guards who witnessed the incident claim that they heard a man shouting before and after a loud thud of someone falling.

They found Anele still breathing, but unfortunately passed shortly after being attended to by paramedics.

A pictures first published on News24 portrays AKA as an abusive boyfriend who, on the 13th of March beat up his girlfriend for reasons not yet known to the media.

Anele’s friend who spoke to the paper claimed that AKA banged Anele’s head on the wall during the fight.

She had to hide on the next room fearing for her life, but AKA broke down the door with his bare hands and let himself in.

She said Anele sent her a footage and pictures of AKA breaking down the door and had to rush to their place to stop the fight.

According to News24, when AKA was contacted through his publicist, Phumza Nohashe, he did not respond, rather he released a statement on his microblog page.

On the statement, AKA claimed that his relationship with Anele was “beautiful, yet challenging”.

He went on to address rumours that he had been abusive to his girlfriend and that there were people who were pushing the narrative that he should be arrested for his fiancé’s death.

It is after his statements that a video of him during a December fight was released to the same paper.

This was an incident that resulted in him reporting Anele to the police (the two are said to have laid charges against each other and later withdrew them).

Anele’s death was ruled as a suicide before her burial.

The police are, however, still investigating the incident.

While many were pushing the narrative that Anele had been abusing drugs and was depressed, her father refuted the claims and said her daughter was not troubled. Rather, there was something behind her daughter’s death, he said.

AKA has not yet addressed the leaked pictures videos of the incident.

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