Lasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@InstagramLasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@Instagram

Lasizwe Dambuza Plans Comeback with New Show: Awkward Dates

In an emotional video released a couple of months ago, Lasizwe Dambuza announced that he was quitting YouTube. However, his decision has now changed as he prepares to make a comeback with an exciting new show called Awkward Dates.

Lasizwe, known for his entertaining content, shared that he came up with the concept for the show, including writing the scripts and questions. The idea came to him during a period when he had a lot of free time. He drew inspiration from a UK YouTuber and content creator named Amelia Dimoldenberg and her show, Chicken Shop Date.

Lasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@Instagram
Lasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@Instagram

Lasizwe expressed his admiration for how Amelia executed her show and wanted to bring a similar concept to South African audiences. He explained, “South African celebrities have never been seen as human … People see us as these stars, and behind the stars, there are emotions and feelings and all of that stuff.”

Awkward Dates: An Unconventional Talk Show

Awkward Dates will be a 10-episode talk show, and the first episode is scheduled to air on Lasizwe’s YouTube channel in July. Coinciding with his birthday, the premiere will serve as a special gift to himself. The show aims to break down the perception of celebrities as unapproachable and showcase their authentic, relatable sides.

In a trailer posted on Instagram, Lasizwe teased viewers with snippets from the show, featuring notable South African celebrities such as Mihlali, Toss, and Mmusi Maimane. He revealed that his selection criteria for guests were based on choosing individuals who are generally perceived as serious and “hard-core.” By presenting them in a different light, Lasizwe hopes to allow the audience to see the more casual and fun side of these public figures.

Prioritizing Mental Wellbeing

Lasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@Instagram
Lasizwe Dambuza-Image Source@Instagram

Following his hiatus from YouTube, Lasizwe emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health. He acknowledged that working in the entertainment industry often demands significant personal investment, leading to a loss of self. Taking time off, he explained, allowed him to focus on his own well-being and realign himself.

Regarding the guests on Awkward Dates, Lasizwe recognized that building trust was crucial for them to open up. Being a part of the same industry has helped establish a level of understanding, but he emphasized the importance of recognizing the humanity in everyone. He stated, “Yes, we are all colleagues in the same industry, but there is a human aspect to it, there is a pathway you need to work on.”

As Lasizwe Dambuza prepares for his comeback, fans and viewers eagerly await the premiere of Awkward Dates. The show promises to deliver entertaining and relatable content, offering a glimpse into the personal lives of South African celebrities, ultimately humanizing them in the eyes of the audience.

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