Lasizwe And Khanyi’s Lying Lovers

It was all roses and kisses just a few days ago when reality TV stars and siblings Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe flaunted their new baes on social media for Valentine’s Day. Fans woke up to images of the two duos and their significant others and well wishes poured, wishing the duo the best of luck in their newfound relationships. Perhaps a dark cloud might be hanging over the family because there seems to be trouble in paradise in both Lasizwe and Khanyi Mbau’s relationships.

First, it was reported that Khanyi Mbau’s lover is a scammer and known fugitive in Zimbabwe. A bevy of women have since allegedly come forward claiming that the man Khanyi revealed to be her tycoon boyfriend, is in fact a professional scammer who uses his looks to scam monied women into relationships and from here we all know how the story goes. Besides the surfacing of these allegations, the Soweto-born actress and reality TV star seems unbothered and to be rubbishing these claims. 

More recently, just as fans were finally jovial that Lasizwe, Khanyi’s half-brother finally found love, it has come to light that he too is a scam. Dropping him off at the Johannesburg airport intended to fly down to Cape Town, after their publicly documented weekend together, Lasizwe’s lover was apparently spotted at a Johannesburg gay club and tweeps went crazy. Here are some of their reactions:

@thato_matlaila_ Lasizwe dropped of that guy at the airport and later found him at Great Dane? I’d burn it to the ground with him  

@_DJMos so Lasizwe bought a plane ticket & dropped his man off at the airport only for him to Uber back to groove for God knows what. Hayi Xhosa gents don’t play with hearts, they operate differently  I’d evaporate chile


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