lady zamar and SjavaLady Zamar and Sjava-Image Source@Instagram

Lady Zamar Opens Up About Surviving Bullying After R*ape Allegations

Lady Zamar is a highly talented female musician in Mzansi. Despite being in the entertainment industry for many years, she has had her fair share of drama, from rape claims to cancel culture, which has affected her career.

Allegations Against Sjava

In 2019, Lady Zamar accused fellow musician Sjava of r*pe that allegedly occurred in 2017 at the Porche-Villa Hotel and Conference Centre in Thohoyandou after a concert they attended. The case was thrown out of court in 2020 due to insufficient evidence. The accusations have led to constant harassment and trolling on social media, particularly on Twitter.

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Sjava and Lady Zamar
Sjava and Lady Zamar in happy times

Lady Zama on Surviving Bullying and Negativity

Lady Zamar has found a way to deal with the negativity. She has blocked out the negativity and has focused on self-acceptance. She says that she has learned to accept herself and that she used to believe that other people’s actions reflected who she was. She now understands that people’s actions are independent of her, and she chooses to live her best life.

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The Future for Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar
Lady Zamar-Image Source@Twitter

Lady Zamar’s music career has suffered as a result of the allegations and bullying. However, she is still optimistic about the future. She has stated that she is in a self-accepting phase of her life and that she is focused on living her best life.

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Despite the challenges, Lady Zamar remains a talented musician with a bright future ahead of her. She has shown that it is possible to overcome negativity and to focus on self-acceptance. Her resilience and strength serve as an inspiration to others who may be going through similar challenges.

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