Lady Du Clarifies Her Words On KO, Claims They Were Taken Out Of Context

Lady Du Clarifies Her Words On KO, Claims They Were Taken Out Of Context

Amapiano star Lady Du has said her words on KO were taken out of context.

This follows after Lady Du sparked controversy on social media for comparing her music career to that of KO’s in a recent YouTube interview on ‘The Episode’.

Her remarks have been met with criticism from tweeps who have accused her of disrespecting and belittling KO’s achievements.

During the interview, Lady Du addressed KO’s diss track which was aimed at her after she criticized his hit single “Sete”.

She explained why she had not released a diss track in response, despite having written one.

The star went on to compare her music career to KO’s, revealing that she had checked her music streams and found that her music was performing better than his.

However, Lady Du’s comments have been met with backlash on social media, with many users accusing her of being disrespectful and trying to undermine KO’s achievements.

“When I started looking at our numbers, I realised that if I release this, it’s gonna benefit him, not me.”

“He hasn’t even reached a million and I’m on 1.7 (million). My numbers, just my music numbers.”

“Let’s take everything and let’s leave ‘Sete’ out because that’s where the issue is. Go to my numbers on Spotify and Apple Music and just check one of my songs. All of eight years of work, and I did that in a year,” Lady Du said.

Lady Du later defended herself against the backlash she received for her comparison to KO, claiming that she was quoted out of context and that she never said she was bigger than him.

In a series of tweets, Lady Du expressed her pride in her musical achievements and the challenges she has faced to get where she is today.

She also made a point to say that no man should ever try to take away a woman’s success and financial stability.

Lady Du’s tweets sparked a new round of discussions among Twitter users, with some accepting her explanation and others still skeptical about her initial comparison to KO.

“I never said I was bigger than KO let’s get that correct first, I said the reason I didn’t drop a diss track was because I checked the numbers on my streams and since he said I did nothing with myself, I was happy to see that some of the songs I was on were higher in streams.”

No man should ever come for a woman’s bread and butter no matter what the situation is, we all don’t have the same set up, I’m not signed to no record label that helps push my music so yes my music might be dated but it did what it had to. I respect people and educate where I can.”

Lady Du also expressed her pride in all that she has achieved in just one year, highlighting the hard work that she has put in to get where she is today.

She spoke out against those who have criticized her and looked down on her, emphasizing the need for support and respect within the music industry.

Her comments resonated with some Twitter users who applauded her for standing up for herself and her accomplishments.

What I achieved in one year is something any woman should be proud of, I’m not being boastful that’s not my character nor do I feel like I have made it, it took me 15 years to make it, I made it when I was giving up on music, I worked hard to get to where I am for some1 to diss.

“I may not be your favourite artist, I might not write songs you love, I’m human, I’m a mother of a child that needs a healthy living environment, so yes I’ll fight for that, I’ll make sure I secure it, becoz that’s my blood sweat and tears. I’m not beefing with anyone; I’m working,” Lady Du said.

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