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Lady Amar Excited After Botswana President Jams To Hamba Juba

DJ Lamar, also known as Thando Duma, has recently released a hit song called “Hamba Juba” that has been making waves in South Africa. The song has gained popularity and even caught the attention of Botswana’s President.

Duma took to her Instagram account to express her gratitude towards her fans in Botswana. She shared a video clip of the President of Botswana dancing to her song at the Forbes under 30 event. She expressed her amazement and thanked her fans for the love.

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Fans Reaction Over Hamba Juba

In the comment section, her fans congratulated her on creating such a fire song that has been well-received across the nation. One of her fans even stated that “Hamba Juba” is a national anthem and will be difficult for any other song to surpass its success.

Lady Amar also spoke to City Press and expressed her excitement about how well the song has been received in South Africa. She stated that she knew the song would be a hit due to the collaboration with Murumba and Cici but did not expect it to be this successful.

Lady Amar
Lady Amar-Image Source(Instagram)

As a rising star, Duma is amazed by the success of her hit song, but also expressed her fear about the pressure that comes with it. “Hamba Juba” has been topping charts since its release and has maintained its position as a hit song.

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Duma’s fans continue to support her as she rises to the top, and “Hamba Juba” continues to be a fan favorite. It’s a testament to Duma’s musical talent and collaboration with other artists, proving that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

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