Get To Know Lupane & Beautiful Places To Visit

Lupane District Map

Get To Know Lupane & Beautiful Places To Visit

History Background according to Wikipedia

Lupane has been occupied by the Tonga people who were pushed further up Northwards to present-day Binga District by the arrival of King Mzilikazi during the establishment of the Ndebele Kingdom in Matabeleland. To this present day, the area is predominantly Ndebele-speaking people, who were also ruled by King Lobengula after taking over from Mzilikazi.

Two of Lobengula’s counsellors, Magwegwe Fuyana and Mhlanga were buried in Lupane, Pupu area near the Shangani River. Magwegwe Fuyane was the last of Lobengula’s Kingdom equivalent to a Prime Minister by modern-day political language, Mhlanga was an aid de camp.

The District is located in the Matabeleland North Province of Zimbabwe, and it is also the Provincial Capital. The District is situated at an elevation of 976 m with a population of 198,600 inhabitants by 2019. Lupane Town is the main centre of the district located 172 km from Bulawayo along the A8 Victoria Falls Road

Beautiful Places To Visit In Lupane & Places Closeby


Get To Know Lupane & Beautiful Places To Visit



Kamativi Mine

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