Uncle Waffles and Kelly Rowland-Image Source@InstagramUncle Waffles and Kelly Rowland-Image Source@Instagram

Kelly Rowland Sings Praises For Uncle Waffles (Watch)

American singer Kelly Rowland recently expressed her admiration for the talented South African DJ, Uncle Waffles. In a podcast interview, Rowland spoke highly of Uncle Waffles’ musical abilities and unique personality.

Uncle Waffles’ International Success

Uncle Waffles has gained significant recognition from renowned international stars, solidifying her status as an international DJ. She has successfully ventured into the global music scene and now performs at prestigious international events.

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Kelly Rowland’s Appreciation for Uncle Waffles

During her appearance on the Pretty Smart podcast, Kelly Rowland shared her enthusiasm for music and expressed her admiration for Uncle Waffles. She mentioned that she constantly listens to music and finds it inspiring to witness artists like Uncle Waffles pushing creative boundaries.

Rowland described Uncle Waffles as a talented and charismatic DJ, commending her captivating performances. She revealed that she had been aware of Uncle Waffles’ talent for over a year and was thrilled to see her recent success, including a notable performance at Coachella.

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Uncle Waffles: A Rising Star

Uncle Waffles’ rise to prominence in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With her unique style and infectious energy, she has captivated audiences both locally and internationally. Her distinctive DJ sets have garnered attention, earning her accolades from industry peers and fans alike.

Uncle Waffles’ journey as an international DJ has been filled with milestones, and her talent continues to shine on a global scale. Her performances transcend borders and cultures, uniting music lovers worldwide.

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Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles-Image Source@Instagram

The Impact of Kelly Rowland’s Endorsement

Kelly Rowland’s endorsement of Uncle Waffles further emphasizes the DJ’s growing reputation in the music industry. As a well-respected and influential figure in the music world, Rowland’s recognition brings valuable attention to Uncle Waffles’ career.

With Rowland’s endorsement, Uncle Waffles’ fan base is likely to expand, attracting new listeners who appreciate her unique sound and vibrant stage presence. This acknowledgment from a renowned artist like Rowland solidifies Uncle Waffles’ position as an emerging force in the international music scene.


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