Kelly Khumalo-Image Source@InstagramKelly Khumalo-Image Source@Instagram

Kelly Khumalo’s Revelations: A Decade-Old Allegedly Abusive Relationship with Jub Jub

Afro-pop sensation Kelly Khumalo has recently taken the spotlight for shedding light on her harrowing past, a tumultuous relationship that allegedly involved abuse at the hands of her former partner, Jub Jub.

Kelly Khumalo’s Alleged Abusive Relationship

These distressing incidents unfolded nearly a decade ago when the pair were romantically involved, casting a long shadow over Khumalo’s life.

Near Death Experience

Kelly Khumalo disclosed that she was purportedly strangled when she was approximately eight months pregnant. The incident reportedly occurred following a heated argument. The acclaimed singer recalled experiencing excruciating abdominal pain as a result of the assault, necessitating treatment at Sandton Clinic.

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Jub Jub-Image Source@Instagram
Jub Jub-Image Source@Instagram

Kelly Khumalo’s relationship with Jub Jub and assault in 2010

In June 2010, Kelly Khumalo was allegedly subjected to another assault after being discovered with fellow actors at the Rhythm City studio. Jub Jub accused her of maintaining a relationship with one of her co-actors. She claims to have been assaulted with open fists, resulting in a visible scar on her lip. Another alleged altercation transpired at Kelly Khumalo’s mother’s residence in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg. She alleges that she was attacked with a glass, igniting a volatile altercation involving her mother and sister, Zandile Khumalo.

Daring Allegations Against TV Host

2012 Rape Allegations

The celebrated artist contends that she was sexually assaulted by Jub Jub in 2012. This purported incident occurred after she declined his advances. According to reports, Jub Jub used a pillow to suffocate her during the assault. Following the assault, he left for a court hearing, leaving Kelly Khumalo traumatized.

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These revelations have ignited a fresh wave of discussions on the issue of abusive relationships and the importance of survivors sharing their stories.

While these allegations are deeply distressing, they underscore the significance of addressing abuse within relationships and providing support to survivors like Kelly Khumalo.

It is essential to remember that allegations should be taken seriously, and anyone facing abuse should seek help and support from appropriate authorities and organizations.

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