Kelly Khumalo Lashes Out At The SAMAS

Some call her a reviled lady however Kelly Khumalo is perhaps the most honored artist in South Africa. After almost 15 years in the music business, Kelly stays one of the country’s best female musicians.

Drug abuse, death, alcoholism, and cyberbullying took steps to murder her soul and spirit, however, Kelly transcended everything.

Notwithstanding, her relationship and the demise of Senzo Meyiwa is something that will consistently loom over her as a foreboding shadow. Crude details have been introduced with regards to what truly occurred on the day Senzo passed on and the case has not been concluded.

The star’s name supposedly came up when the supposed hitman that was liable for murdering the dearest soccer figure was addressed. The unidentified man supposedly expressed that Kelly was answerable for the passing of the dad of her second-born child, Thingo Khumalo.

This time, however, the star has decided to lash out at the SAMAS (South African Music Awards) regarding her nomination for ‘Best AfroPop Album’. The star went on to tweet,

Dear  @TheSAMAs I humbly ask that you remove my work out of what ever category you might have nominated me for. As much as I respect what you do, I also ask that you respect my hard work and effort. #TheVoiceOfAfrica cc @UMGSA” 


Kelly Khumalo further went on to agree with a fan who had tweeted,

” I’m with you Sis.. Empini!! ”

It’s unclear whether Kelly feels disrespected because of the single nomination or the lack of her mention in other categories. ‘Whatever the case may be, Kelly is no stranger to standing up for what she believes in and it would be interesting to see if the SAMAS will actually do as requested by the star?

What are your thoughts folks? Entitled much or fair justice should be served?


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