Kehlani on Silkour interview

Kehlani’s Hilarious Attempt at Pronouncing Her Name in Zulu has left Mzansi in stitches.

American singer Kehlani, known for her remarkable talents and infectious personality, recently left South Africans in stitches as she playfully attempted to pronounce her name in Zulu.

The 20-year-old singer and dancer, Kehlani Ashley Parrish, graced an interview on Slikour On Life alongside rapper Slikour during her visit to the country for the highly-anticipated Rocking the Daisies event.

Kehlani Feels Right at Home

Despite being thousands of miles away from her home country, Kehlani felt completely at ease during her engaging interview with Slikour. Notably, this marked her first time headlining a show on the African continent, a milestone that further solidified her growing global presence.

Kehlani prounces her name in Zulu
Kehlani-Image Source@imzansi

Throughout the interview, the conversation touched on various topics, including spirituality, the significance of a strong support system, and why she is unapologetically herself.

Kehlani’s Zulu Name Pronunciation Challenge

Slikour, the charismatic host of the show, couldn’t resist asking Kehlani whether people frequently inquire about the pronunciation of her name in South Africa. With a hearty laugh, she acknowledged the curiosity surrounding her name and shared her experience:

“Long before I was even booked to come here, there’s always South Africans in my comments like, ‘Sis, do you know how to pronounce your name actually?'”

During the interview, Kehlani valiantly attempts to pronounce the ‘hl’ sound, following the South African pronunciation. However, her initial efforts amuse herself and Slikour, as the challenging Zulu pronunciation proves elusive. Kehlani takes it in stride, admitting that her American roots make it a tricky feat. She playfully encourages viewers to consider her their honorary South African when they meet at a club or event.

Mzansi’s Reaction

As Kehlani’s charming and good-natured Zulu name pronunciation attempt made waves, South Africans took to Instagram to express their amusement. Let’s take a look at some of the humorous comments:

  • Tumitabe: “😂😂😂 I love her, and that’s how I pronounce her name ❤️🙌”
  • Pluvio: “Is that even a real name like that? It doesn’t sound maan.”
  • Bulumkontloko: “Like the sound of static…. or the sound of a fizzy drink’s bubbles when poured into a glass…. or the sound of an old analogue TV or radio set when the signal is lost.”
  • The Homies: “Damn, I’m so American” is the most accurate thing an American struggling to pronounce something has ever said🤣🤣why can’t their tongues operate fully??”

Kehlani’s endearing attempt at embracing Zulu culture and her light-hearted response to the name pronunciation challenge left both her fans and South Africans in stitches.


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