Kefilwe Mabote’s Car Gets Repossessed Again By Mystery Boyfriend

Kefilwe isn’t only a beautiful face, she’s a creator as well. She as of late published her first book named, Kefilwe M-Influencer De Luxe. It is her collection of memoirs detailing how she built her brand on social media and also offers guidance along with practical tips and tricks on how to scale a professional portfolio online! The book was published as an E-Book on April 21, 2020.

With more than a million followers on Instagram, the influencer has worked with brands like Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Giorgio Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent. Her content has earned her the Digital Media Influencer Award for three years in a row.

However, along with all the rave attention, the influencer hasn’t been so lucky in love.

Kefilwe Mabote took to Instagram to post her new man after moving on from her ex-lover Edwin Sodi. Her new flame was only identified as ‘Mr. H’. The post was one of adoration, of Kefilwe unboxing an expensive Chanel necklace. The post was captioned,

” Thank you Mr H, you never cease to amaze me … 🥺❤️🇮🇹💫 “


All is not well in paradise it appears. According to the PopcornRoom SA, Kefilwe Mabote’s car was allegedly taken back by Mr H. A close source to the diva had the following to say,

Kefilwe Mabote's Car

The PopcornRoom SA further advised sugar babies to take ownership of whatever is being purchased for them to avoid public humiliation. In an Instagram story, they wrote,

” When a man offers to buy you a car, please insist they buy it in your name. Y’all keep making the same mistake. Demand ownership by all means necessary. It’s of vital importance okaaay! “

All we can say is, YIKES!


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