Katlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@InstagramKatlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@Instagram

Katlego Maboe Addresses Allegations Made By Baby Mama

Television presenter Katlego Maboe has recently taken to social media to subtly respond to a series of startling allegations brought forward by his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Monique Muller. The Cape Town woman’s claims, which made headlines on August 24th, include accusations that Maboe was unwilling to fully cover their son’s school fees and that he was purposefully concealing his various sources of income. Muller also suggested that their child’s well-being was being compromised due to personal grievances.

A Subtle Reaction on Social Media

In an intriguing move, Katlego Maboe turned to his Instagram platform, where he commands an impressive following of a quarter of a million users, to indirectly address the allegations. Rather than engaging in public disputes, Maboe chose a succinct approach, sharing only the word “peace” on his Instagram Stories. Additionally, he shared a meaningful Bible verse on his Twitter account, leaving his audience to interpret the message.

As of now, Maboe has refrained from directly addressing the accusations put forth by his ex-partner.

A Look Back at Past Turmoil

While the current situation seems to have brought a sense of peace for Katlego Maboe, it wasn’t always this serene. Approximately a year ago, the TV presenter returned to the Expresso show in an emotional “tell-all” episode, shedding light on his time away from the public eye. This return followed a tumultuous split from Monique Muller in 2020. Monique had accused Maboe of physical abuse during their messy breakup.

Monique secured a temporary protection order following the breakup and filed assault charges against Maboe. The period was further marred by a viral video in which Maboe admitted to infidelity, a video filmed by Monique herself. The video also saw Maboe facing accusations of transmitting an STI to his girlfriend.

Legal Battles and Repercussions

The fallout from these controversies led to Katlego Maboe’s temporary leave of absence from his position as a presenter on SABC 3’s Expresso show. Additionally, he was removed as the face of Outsurance. Maboe initiated a legal battle in response, suing Monique, her brother Seth Muller, and two others for damages amounting to R1 million each. He asserted that their actions had severely damaged his career and demanded retractions and apologies from all parties involved.

In a turn of events in 2022, Monique’s lawsuit was mutually set aside. She cited financial constraints as the reason behind this decision. Monique has since expressed that she has refrained from sharing her side of the story for three years.

As this ongoing saga unfolds, it remains to be seen how Katlego Maboe’s subtle response on social media will impact the narrative surrounding the allegations brought against him.

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