Kamo Mphela Breaks Her Silence As Zamani Mbatha's Cheating Drama Goes On

Kamo Mphela Breaks Her Silence As Zamani Mbatha’s Cheating Drama Goes On

Amapiano artist and choreographer Kamo Mphela has defended after being dragged into Zamani Mbatha’s cheating scandal.

On Wednesday, actor and influencer Zamani Mbatha, who was romantically involved with Benda Mhlongo’s daughter, YouTuber and influencer Snikiwe Mhlongo was trending  on social media for all the wrong reasons.

All this drama started after Snikiwe discovered Zamani in bed with another woman, and posted videos and pictures online as evidence.

Once news of Zamani Mbatha’s infidelity surfaced, it didn’t take long for more reports to come to light about his previous unfaithful behavior throughout the six-year period that he and Snikiwe were supposed to be in a committed relationship.

It was also revealed that Zamani was so brazen in his infidelity that he would frequently drive around in Snikiwe’s car with his alleged girlfriends.

It appeared that Snikiwe was the only one oblivious to Zamani’s unfaithfulness, as it seemed like everyone else was aware of his habitual cheating except for her.

A video of Kamo Mphela and Zamani conversing during an Instagram Live session later went viral. In the footage, Kamo appeared to assert that she had no interest in Zamani due to his reputation for pursuing multiple romantic partners.

Zamani seemed surprised by her statement, as evidenced by his expression in the video.

Following the video’s dissemination, there were insinuations that Kamo might have been previously involved romantically with Zamani, according to ZAlebs.

However, Kamo took to Twitter to address these speculations, clarifying that the video was from two years prior and subtly implying that she had never engaged in any romantic relationship with Zamani.

She wrote:

Y’all always squeeze me in somehow .
That was 2 years ago rest 😐

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