Kagiso Modupe buys wife Benz-Image Source@TwitterKagiso Modupe buys wife Benz-Image Source@Twitter

Kagiso Modupe Surprises Wife Liza Lopes with Mercedes Benz on Mother’s Day

Kagiso Modupe, the producer-director of House of Zwide and former Scandal! actor, gave his wife Liza Lopes a special Mother’s Day gift – a brand new Mercedes Benz. Modupe shared pictures and a video of his wife being blindfolded and led to her present, which moved her to tears of joy when she saw it. Modupe expressed his love for his wife in an Instagram post, saying that she holds a special place in his heart and thanking her for blessing him with amazing treasures in his life, including their children Tshimollo and Motheo.

Kagiso Modupe buys wife a car-Image Source@Twitter
Kagiso Modupe buys wife a car-Image Source@Twitter

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“I Used My Private Parts to Become a Millionaire”

In a 2022 interview with King David’s Podcast, Modupe revealed that he used his private part to become a millionaire. He said that since he was not circumcised, he realised he could encourage other men to get circumcised. Modupe partnered with Brothers For Life and Right to Care to start a public circumcision campaign, creating a social media advert that offered to pay R1 for every man that gets circumcised. In just one day, Modupe persuaded 1.1 million South African men to get circumcised and made his first million as a result of the campaign.

Kagiso Modupe buys wife Benz-Image Source@Twitter
Kagiso Modupe buys wife Benz-Image Source@Twitter

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Modupe’s film Losing Lerato, which premiered in September 2019, became the first independent film to gross over R4.1 million in five weeks and hit the number one spot in major theatres in Mzansi in the first week of its official release. The film was nominated for six awards, including Best Actor (Kagiso Modupe), Best Actress (Samela Tyelbooi), Best Supporting Actress (Tshimollo Modupe), Best Supporting Actor (Thato Molamu), Best Director (Sanele Zulu), and Best Cinematography (Gavin Sterrley) at the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema in California. Modupe expressed his excitement about the nomination in an Instagram post.

Kagiso Modupe’s Net Worth and Other Projects

Apart from House of Zwide, Modupe has been involved in various other projects, including Thando and The Queen. According to reports, Modupe’s net worth is estimated at R15 million. In another emotional Instagram post, Modupe shed tears as his helper left him, saying that she had become a part of their family and would be missed.

Kagiso Modupe’s public circumcision campaign was a huge success, with 1.1 million South African men getting circumcised in just one day. His film Losing Lerato also became a huge success and was nominated for several awards. Modupe continues to work on various projects and inspire others through his work and success.

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