K.O Breaks Silence After 7 Nominations But No Wins At Metro FM Music Awards

South African artist K.O, whose real name is Ntokozo Mdluli, has responded after he was “snubbed” at the Metro FM Music Awards held on Saturday, May 6th at Mbombela Stadium.

In an interview with Zimoja, K.O spoke out about his lack of recognition at the Metro FM Music Awards.

Currently in the UK for performances, the artist expressed gratitude for being nominated despite not winning an award.

“There are so many cases where you anticipate a win and it doesn’t come or when you don’t and you get it. So, awards are really a seesaw for any artist. It’s up to you to maintain a level of sanity, you just need to focus on the things that matter. The fact that I was nominated seven times is already a blessing on its own,” K.O told the publication.

“This is a livelihood. I am living comfortably. I am blessed and able to feed my family through music, that’s a big win for me, more than any trophy,” he adds.

“When you’re a new artist coming, you expect the world to roll the red carpet for you, give you praises and you think trophies are your flowers and medals of honour. But with more years and maturity in the industry, you realise awards are not the end of it all.
Even though K.O does not know why Sete failed to win, he congratulated all the stars who did win.
Here are some of Twitter users’ reactions following K.O.’s snub at the Metro’s.
Sete was very good song .. but KO has zero relationship with his fans.. Competing with Artists with like A-Reece and AKA is nightmare for everyone We all know smokers and nyaope boys will vote for Reece no matter how bad the song is Same as Megacy.. We Don’t care
Is not a first time this happening to K.O it happened also to his first album. Nyovest won many Metro awards that night. But Skhanda Republic did well later on SAMAs that year. Metro fm awards don’t like K.O n Amapiano
It is what it is. Like I said last night, SETE’s gonna dominate at the SAMAs. Metro awards are simply won by votes and K.O didn’t campaign for votes, not even once on his socials. Megacy had an entire voting # and they went hard with the votes.

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