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‘Just got dumped’ Somizi Mhlongo Reveals He Has Been Dumped Via Text By Secret Lover

Celebrated media personality, Somizi Mhlongo, left his Instagram followers stunned when he shared the news of his recent breakup.

Somizi’s Surprise Announcement

In a surprising revelation, Somizi opened up about his relationship status through an Instagram post, disclosing that he had been unceremoniously dumped via a simple SMS.


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Affair Speculations: Somizi’s Relationship Secrets

The announcement triggered a flood of reactions and comments as fans and followers tried to decipher the enigmatic details of the relationship that he had managed to keep away from the public eye.

Some speculated that this breakup might be related to his alleged affair with Pholoso Mohlala, a topic that has repeatedly captured headlines.

The Complicated Alleged Affair

Somizi Mhlongo and Pholoso Mohlala have faced persistent rumours about their romantic involvement, which they have both denied on numerous occasions.

Previously, reports had emerged suggesting that Pholoso Mohlala had ended things with Somizi to reconcile with his former partner, the mother of his child. Yet, in subsequent weeks, it was rumoured that they had reconciled.

Social media was rife with speculations about their on-again-off-again dynamic, prompting questions about their current status if they were indeed in a relationship. Somizi now joins the list of celebrities who have experienced heartbreak via a simple text message.

Past Heartache: Somizi’s Troubled Relationships

Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Throughout the years, Somizi’s love life has been a magnet for attention. This has often thrust him into the limelight for all the dramatic reasons. Notably, his high-profile marriage to Mohale Motaung turned tumultuous, culminating in a separation just a year after their grand wedding.

Rumours swirled that the breakup was rooted in allegations of abuse. Their relationship was further marred by accusations of infidelity and mistreatment. The duo eventually reconciled, only for their grievances to resurface periodically on social media.

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