Jub Jub-Image Source@InstagramJub Jub-Image Source@Instagram

Jub Jub’s defence lawyer, Terrence Baloyi, radiates optimism concerning the outcome of his client’s court case.

Uyajola 9/9 show presenter Jub Jub, also known as Molemo Maarohanye, faced multiple charges, including rape and assault, as he appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Monday, accompanied by his legal team.

Court Case Postponed: New Date Set for Jub Jub’s Trial

During the court appearance, Baloyi requested a postponement to February 5th, 2024, and sought access to documents related to the allegations against Jub Jub. Magistrate Betty Khumalo granted the postponement, citing her January commitments and ensuring the case would be accommodated on the specified date.

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Defense Lawyer Expresses Confidence in Jub Jub’s Innocence

Jub Jub's lawyer confident thatbhe will win case
Jub Jub-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Post the court proceedings, Terrence Baloyi expressed confidence in Jub Jub’s chances of winning the case. Baloyi questioned the state’s case strength, emphasizing the extended period between the alleged offences (2006-2009) and the complainant’s legal action, stating, “If someone claims they have been raped and waits for a long period, that means there is nothing against him.”

Baloyi acknowledged the challenge of addressing allegations from many years ago, reiterating that the delay in taking legal action casts doubt on the credibility of the claims.

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Notably, this isn’t the first time Jub Jub’s case has been postponed. In November 2023, the adjournment aimed to provide the state more time to consult with witnesses and complainants.

The recent court proceedings included an exchange between Magistrate Khumalo and Baloyi, with the former expressing reluctance to further extend dates. Baloyi clarified that the matter, while significant, was not one of life or death but related to Jub Jub’s upcoming tour.



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