Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)

Jerome Galiao ‘Dr Nyasha’ From Scandal Arrested For Domestic Violence

Zimbabwean actor Jerome Galiao, who plays Dr Nyasha Mugari on the TV show Scandal, has been arrested for beating his wife.

The 38-year-old actor was taken into custody on March 27th at a police station in Randburg and charged with domestic violence.

Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)
Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)

A source close to the actor shared with the Zimbabwean publication H-Metro:

“Jerome is in police custody in Randburg. He was arrested last night for domestic violence. He is in the cells and will appear in court on Tuesday (today). You can contact SAPS for more information. This is not the first time he has bashed her.”

His wife declined to speak to the media. According to a source, this is not the first time he has been violent towards his wife.

Jerome Galiao’s budding career before he was arrested

Jerome Galiao started his career as a presenter on the show in Zimbabwe. He won several advertising gigs and later appeared on the Zimbabwean soapie Estate Blues.

In 2008, he moved to South Africa when the economic state of Zimbabwe crumpled to search for greener pastures. He auditioned and got featured on several TV productions.

Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)
Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram)

In the time he has been in South Africa’s acting industry, Jerome has landed minor roles in Umlilo, Zabazala, Gomora, The Queen, Broken Vows, Binnelanders, Hope, Isithembiso and The River.

He landed the role of Dr Nyasha Mugari on Scandal in 2021. This role was his big break as an actor as fans started taking notice of his talent.

Besides acting, Jerome Galiao is also a VIP protection security and a fitness trainer. He has two children with his wife, and they live in South Africa.

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