Masinga stabbedMasinga stabbed by dumped girlfriend-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Lindelani Dumakude, popularly known in the Maskandi music scene as Masinga, narrowly escaped death after being stabbed by his jilted girlfriend. The incident, which took place over the weekend, has left the musician hospitalized and recovering from serious stab wounds.

Heated Argument Turns Violent

According to reports from Zimoja, the altercation began when Lindelani’s ex-girlfriend refused to accept the end of their relationship. A close friend revealed that Lindelani had already moved on and was seeing someone new, which apparently triggered the violent response from his ex-partner.

“He ended the relationship, but she couldn’t come to terms with it. They got into a fight, and it seems she stabbed him out of anger,” the friend disclosed.

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The Attack

Maskandi artist Masinga stabbed by girlfriend-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Despite her initial pleas for reconciliation, Lindelani’s ex-girlfriend resorted to violence when she realized that he would not change his mind. She stabbed him in the chest during a confrontation, leaving him severely injured.

“Initially, she pleaded with him, but as time passed and frustration grew, anger took over,” added the insider.

Hospital Recovery and Response

Currently receiving medical treatment in a Johannesburg hospital, Lindelani recounted the horrifying experience. He revealed that he was with another woman at the time of the attack.

“I didn’t notice she had a knife, but I sensed she was concealing something,” he recounted. Lindelani expressed his shock and disappointment, particularly noting his surprise at experiencing such violence from someone he once trusted.

“Especially not from a woman. I am not a violent person,” he emphasized.

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Legal Action and Industry Support

Lindelani has indicated his intention to file a formal complaint against his ex-girlfriend once he has fully recovered. “I am still focusing on my recovery, and once I regain my strength, I will consider filing a formal complaint,” he stated.

The incident has garnered significant concern and support from the music industry. Colleagues and fans have been expressing their well-wishes for Lindelani’s speedy recovery. Meanwhile, the police have been informed of the situation and are expected to launch an investigation as soon as Lindelani is able to provide a formal statement.


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