Jealous Lover burns himself and four children to deathJealous Lover burns himself and four children to death

Jealous Katlehong Lover Burns Himself and Four Innocent Children

A jealous Katlehong lover burnt himself and four innocent children to death when his girlfriend rejected him after he found her being cozy with another man.

Discovery of the Tragic Event

In a fit of rage, Monaheng Moloi went to his girlfriend’s house, where he discovered four children inside a shack. In a horrifying act, he set fire to the structure.

Tragically, all the children, Olona Njozela (10), Lilitha Njozela (7), Ayabonga Thabang Njozela (5), and 4-year-old Nqobile Njozela, along with Moloi himself, were burnt alive.

Family Seeks Answers

The family is devastated and seeking answers. Mfundo Lunika, a spokesperson for the family, recounted the incident to Zimoja:

“I had just come back from the taxi rank since I’m a driver, and I was sitting in my shack. I asked my partner to prepare food for me so I could eat and sleep. As she was preparing the bed, some boys passing by yelled that a shack was burning in our yard.

“When I went out to check, it dawned on me that four children were inside there. The flame was too harsh, and it was hard to gain entry. We tried to remove one side of the shack so we could gain access to the children, but we still couldn’t go in. The father of one of the children went in trying to save the kids, but he ended up being burnt. He is currently in ICU.”

The Identity of the Children

Jealous Lover burns himself and four children to death
Jealous Lover burns himself and four children to death

None of the deceased children were Moloi’s own. Lunika explained that the four kids belonged to his three sisters. Two of his sisters were visiting for the long weekend and shared the same mother. The situation is a complete mess, leaving Lunika traumatized with haunting memories of his nieces and nephew lying lifeless.

The severity of the burns made it impossible to identify the children. On the night of the incident, his sister did not sleep at home, and when Moloi found her with another man, he asked her to come back with him. Her refusal likely triggered Moloi’s retaliatory and enraged actions, Lunika added.

A Mother’s Heartbreak

Moloi’s mother, Thabitha Moloi, last saw her son when she sent him to buy snuff for her. However, he never returned. The news of the fire and tragedy reached her when people called for her nearby.

Upon arrival, she witnessed the burning shack. Although she had never visited that particular house before, she knew her son’s girlfriend because he often brought her around. Thabitha is shattered and struggling to comprehend the devastating loss.

Confirmation of the Tragedy

Ekurhuleni EMS spokesperson Maswati Mdluli confirmed the tragedy:

“When we arrived, the community had tried to put out the fire, but it was burning rapidly. Members managed to dampen the fire then a search was launched as we heard that there were possibly bodies in there. We found five bodies, and four of them were kids. The eldest was 10. There was also an adult body, a 31-year-old, but we are not sure whether it was a man or a woman. All the bodies were charred beyond recognition, they were scattered in two bedrooms.”

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