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Jazz Legend Caiphus Semenya Demands His Due, Accuses AKA Of Copyright Infringement

Prominent jazz icon, Caiphus Semenya, is currently in the process of pursuing royalties for his popular songs, which the late hip-hop artist AKA is reported to have sampled without his permission on two of his albums.

According to reports, Semenya is demanding 50% of the royalties for two songs that AKA used without obtaining written permission from the 83-year-old musician.

The jazz artist has given an ultimatum to AKA’s record label, Sony Music, to either pay the owed royalties or face the repercussions.

An anonymous source with inside information on the matter has shared the details with Sunday World. He revealed that Semenya was infuriated when he learned last week that AKA had used a segment from his beloved song “Diary” without obtaining consent.

 “Diary” is one of the famous tracks that the late rapper Kiernan Forbes, also known as Supa Mega, had previously released before his untimely passing.

“The old man felt that AKA disrespected him and his work because he had previously stolen his intellectual property but later apologised and promised to fix his mess. Sadly he did not.

“So, when he heard that he sampled this one again without permission, he understandably blew his top and demanded royalties.”

During an interview with the publication, Semenya admitted that AKA had utilized his music without obtaining the required authorization.

Furthermore, he shared that he had directed his record company, Gallo, to deal with the matter of the late artist’s copyright infringement.

Semenya also disclosed that AKA had previously violated his copyright by using his song “Mmematswale” and releasing a remix of it on his “Touch My Blood” album around five years ago.

The esteemed percussionist expressed his disappointment upon discovering that AKA had once again utilized his music without obtaining the appropriate authorization.

Semenya also said that AKA had used some verses from his song and integrated them into “Diary” without his consent, causing him great frustration.

He added that he is optimistic that the dispute will be resolved amicably.

AKA Gets Six Award Nominations at Metro FM Awards

Although he passed away on February 10th of this year, the late South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, popularly known as AKA, has been nominated for six awards at the upcoming Metro FM Music Awards.

His album “Lemons (Lemonade)” has earned him numerous nominations, including Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Hip Hop Artist, Best Male Artist, and Best Music Video.

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