Katlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@InstagramKatlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@Instagram

‘I’ve got receipts’: 6 Shocking claims by Katlego Maboe’s baby mama

In a shocking turn of events, Monique Muller, the baby mama of television personality Katlego Maboe, has come forward with allegations of “financial abuse” following their separation in 2020.

Accusations of Unpaid School Fees and Hidden Income

Based in Cape Town, Monique Muller made headlines on August 24th when she publicly claimed that Katlego Maboe, a well-known presenter on Expresso and host of Deal Or No Deal, was neglecting to fully cover their son’s school fees.

Muller went further to accuse Maboe of intentionally concealing his various sources of income and deliberately allowing their child to “suffer” as a form of retaliation against her.

Background of Legal Battles

Katlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@Instagram
Katlego Maboe and his baby mama Monique-Image Source@Instagram

This controversy is not the first time the two have been in the spotlight. In 2020, Muller obtained a protection order against Maboe, alleging domestic abuse. He was also accused of infidelity and reportedly transmitting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) to her.

However, by February 2022, both parties mutually agreed to set aside the lawsuit, marking a significant development in their legal disputes.

Katlego Maboe’s Baby Mama Drama: Shocking Allegations on Social Media

Using Instagram Stories, Monique Muller unveiled a series of shocking claims against her celebrity ex-partner. Some of the allegations included:

  • Accusing Maboe of lying in court about his employment status to hide his multiple income streams.
  • Claiming that Maboe was maintaining a lavish lifestyle while not adequately supporting their child.
  • Asserting that Maboe was only paying half of their son’s private school fees and avoiding public schooling.
  • Accusing Maboe of neglecting to provide proper clothing, food, and basic necessities for their child.
  • Noting that Maboe had not included their son as a beneficiary in any of his insurance policies.

Seeking Accountability and Sharing Her Truth

Monique Muller expressed her frustration and shared her side of the story, stating that she had endured years of silence and was finally speaking out for the well-being of her child. She also clarified that the previously reported acquittal of domestic abuse charges resulted from her inability to continue covering legal expenses.

Despite these explosive allegations, Katlego Maboe has not yet responded to the claims.

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether further legal actions will be taken.

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