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‘It’s For Buying Bread’: Londie London Gets Another BMW In A Week

RHOD star Londie London has gracefully embraced a delightful new chapter in her life known as the “spoiled girlfriend era” and she finds immense joy in cherishing every single moment of this enchanting phase.

Within the span of merely a week, Londie London’s newfound partner has showered her with not just one, but two lavish BMWs, magnificently amplifying her already opulent collection.

This extravagant gesture comes hot on the heels of the reality TV star’s recent unveiling of her stunning new residence, truly solidifying her reign as a prominent figure in the realm of luxury and opulence.


On Friday, 2 June, Londie London took to Instagram with brimming excitement as she revealed that her devoted partner had gifted her yet another opulent BMW.

Astonishingly, this acquisition follows a mere week after her boyfriend bestowed upon her a vehicle that allegedly mirrors the one previously repossessed by her ex-fiancée, Hlubi Nkosi, earlier this year.

The consecutive addition of these two luxurious cars adds to the remarkable series of events, occurring in perfect synchrony with Londie’s recent showcase of her new residence.

On her Instagram stories, Londie captioned the video: “Bae said this one is for going to buy isinkwa [bread].”


Londie London has sparked a flurry of curiosity and speculation as pictures and a viral video featuring her and her purported new partner, supposedly named Bonga, have emerged.

However, murmurs surrounding Londie’s beau claim that he hails from Eskhawini in KwaZulu-Natal and has a dubious reputation as a scammer.

Additionally, there are allegations suggesting that he is already committed to another woman, having supposedly paid lobola for her back in December last year.

In October last year, Londie London officially confirmed her separation from Hlubi, who had served as both her fiancé and the father of their two children.

Reports from City Press had surfaced, suggesting that Hlubi had impregnated someone named Phumla M and had intentions of marrying her as his second wife. However, Londie chose to decline this proposition, ultimately leading to their subsequent split.


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