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“It’s Called Match-Fixing”| Big Zulu’s Opponent In Exhibition Fight Demands A Rematch

Brian Dings, who lost in the first round of the Seconds Out boxing match on Sunday afternoon against Big Zulu, is now requesting a rematch after alleging that the match was not fair.

In an interview with Sunday World, Dings denied any bribery or payment to participate in the fight and expressed his desire to make history.

However, he claimed that the fight turned into kickboxing and stated that he believes the match official should have checked if he was able to continue after reviewing the footage of the bout.

“Big Zulu is someone that I respect very much but I don’t feel the match was fair on my side,” said Dings.

“I never got a chance to warm up and I was told 10 minutes before the match that I was up next. I asked the referee why he stopped the match, and he said I was dizzy, hence he stopped the match.”

Dings also alleged that as he was attempting to step back during the fight, Big Zulu took advantage and attacked him while he was going down, without the referee stepping in to protect him.

“I’m humbly asking for my rematch with good officials and good facilities. That is not a win or knockout, it is called match-fixing,” he said.

According to Akira Solomon, the director of Seconds Out, it is regrettable that Dings has the impression that the fight was fixed.

“Dings was well aware of the fight order and he and his team were made aware of the time of his fight. It is thus his team and his responsibility to prepare for fight time… 

“Due to it being an exhibition [fight], the referee gave him more than 20 seconds to recover. It was evident on the day and in video footage that Dings was still not steady on his feet [after the counting].

“The referee made the right call to protect his safety. There will be no rematch, the only fight that Big Zulu has his eye on is [against] Cassper Nyovest.”


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