Isibaya’s Zinhle Used To Beat Up Her Husband, Details Emerge

Isibaya's Zinhle Used To Beat Up Her Husband, Details Emerge
Loved Up!……. Isibaya’s Zinhle Used To Beat Up Her Husband Before Being Arrested For Trying To Kill Him

Isibaya’s actress, Zinhle Mabhena shocked Mzansi last night when she turned up in jail for a night after getting clamped down by the Gauteng Police on allegations of attempted murder – only for her to be let out by the courts on the next day.

The Pretoria Magistrate Court threw out the case after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) noted that there was “nothing plausible provided to the authorities to link the client to any crime including but not limited to murder or attempted murder or any conspiracy of sought.”

But such smoke surely indicated there was some fire in the two’s marriage.

Last month, iHarare reported that Zinhle dropped her husband’s surname on social media and is now going by her maiden name, Mabena.

Recent details that have started pouring out to the public indicate this was because she had already filed for divorce from her husband – Robert Mugabe Ngwenya, a prominent businessman.

The actress, who is known for her role as the villainous Sihle on the just ended Isibaya is said to have been beating up her husband throughout their marriage.

According to a recently released statement by her husband, she had been doing so to an extent that he “not only sought a restraining order but even laid a complaint with the police because he couldn’t stand physical abuse – the statement through his publicist Priscilla Malinga read.

Read the statement below;

“Consciously, I have taught my children, my family and even my wife that abuse in any form is wrong and it must never be tolerated irrespective of who dishes it. That behaviour must be confronted immediately and everyone in the house must never be stopped from reporting such to authorities and law enforcement agencies. It is a principle I teach and live by,” he said in a statement.

To lead by this example, when I, at some point in my own marriage felt abused by my own wife, not only did I seek a restraining order, but I even laid a complaint with the police because I couldn’t stand physical abuse.

It, therefore, cannot come as a shock or something out of the ordinary if my child or my own wife lay such a complaint against me or any other member of the family. These are the teachings of my family,” said Robert.

Let it be noted that divorce is a very draining and emotionally exhausting process for anyone to go through.

Zinhle hasn’t yet spoken out about the incident.

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