Thabo Bester and his lookalike-Image Source@TwitterThabo Bester and his lookalike-Image Source@Twitter

Is Thabo Bester on the loose again? Video of his look-alike goes viral

South African social media users have been amused by a video of a man who looks exactly like convicted murderer and rapist Thabo Bester. The clip of the Bester lookalike was posted on Twitter, where Tweeps joked that he might have escaped from prison again.

Bester, also known as The Facebook rapist, broke out of jail where he had been running a successful business with the help of celebrity doctor Dr Nandipha Magudumana. They ran away from South Africa and were caught in Tanzania after almost a year on the run.

Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram
Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram

The video that startled locals

It has been a shocking year for many South Africans after the Thabo Bester saga came to light.

Bester and Dr Nandi, a celebrity doctor, were involved in a crime spree that involved rape, murder and fraud. They managed to evade the authorities for months until they were arrested in Dar es Salaam and brought back to face justice.

While both are currently in custody and awaiting their sentences, many South Africans are still doubtful of their security.

One social media user shared a video of a man who resembles Bester. He wrote:

“Not again, Thabo bathong,”

The video shows a man with long hair and glasses, walking on the street.

The reactions from Mzansi of Thabo Bester look-alike

The post sparked hilarious reactions from social media users, who wondered if Bester had escaped from the law again.

“With the circus that’s been playing around their case, it’s possible that it’s indeed him,” one person commented on the clip.

Others however pointed out that the man in the video had long hair while Bester recently appeared for a virtual court appearance with a shaved head.

“Haibo the guy had cheeskop not so long ago when appearing on virtual court”

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