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“Is She Wearing Anything?”| Nadia Nakai’s Outfit Leaves Mzansi Talking 

In recent months, the fashion choices of hip hop rapper Nadia Nakai have sparked a division among her fans on social media.

The bubbly rapper, who has been making headlines, especially following the loss of her boyfriend, AKA, continues to draw attention with her style. Fans have expressed mixed opinions about her fashion sense, leading to debates and discussions online.

Amidst these events, Nadia Nakai has openly expressed her feelings of being unlucky in relationships and her intention to avoid falling in love again.

However, even in the midst of personal struggles, her fashion choices have not escaped the scrutiny of fans on social media. Once again, her outfit has become a topic of discussion and debate among her followers online.


Recently, a Facebook page by Phindile Gwala, called “Nonny Updates,” shared a video of Nadia Nakai wearing an outfit that stirred controversy.

They captioned it:

“Fashionistas pliz give us your 2 cents on Nadia Nakai’s outfit”

The video quickly caught the attention of social media users, sparking discussions and debates about the nature of the outfit and its appropriateness.

During her performance, it appeared that Nadia Nakai’s outfit became the center of attention.

The tightness of her top led to speculations and comments suggesting that it gave the illusion of her not wearing anything.

However, it seemed that a portion of her fans loved the outfit, appreciating the creativity of its design.

On the other hand, some fans expressed the view that the outfit was unnecessary or inappropriate.

Nadia Nakai has encountered stories and discussions regarding her outfit choices on multiple occasions, not limited to the recent incident.

One notable incident occurred in 2019 when she faced criticism for her outfit at the Castle Lite Unlocks Experience.

Responding to the issue on The Family Tree Mansion Podcast, Nadia said:

“I definitely feel that there’s a certain level of double standards for artists in SA compared to America. And another layer of double standards for women and men in SA, No one tries to discredit you because you come out looking s_xy. Whereas with a woman they’re like she’s selling s_x and she’s not actually a musician. She’s just this and that,”


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