Is Romeo Coming Back To Scandal?

The spoilers of the 23rd of February read as follows:

Xolile’s surprised to see someone she knows slightly, little realizing it is actually someone she knows extremely well.”

We know that Romeo has amnesia wherever he is. He wasn’t killed as Scandal stated but doesn’t remember who he is. 

The old man who discovered him in the woods told him a fake name just to calm him…that was the last time we saw him.

The actor hasn’t bid farewell to the show on his social media even though the show has removed his names on the credits list and replaced him with Simo, played by Sandile Mahlangu. 

It wouldn’t be Chumani’s ex-boyfriend played by Bohang Moeko because he’s playing the role of Gabriel on Isono.

So, who could Xolile be seeing that she knows very well but she’s surprised to see? 

If it’s not Romeo, then it could be her ex-husband, Mthunzi?

Mthunzi ended up in jail because of Quinton. He accidentally killed Thembeka and got caught running.

Should Mthunzi escape jail, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to expose himself in broad daylight. 

The show is in need of a villain since Mokgethi hung up his villainous cap and Bohang is the new bad cop on the show.

Another possibility could be Kgomotso Christopher who left the show for The Legacy on Mnet…she plays the role of Dineo Price.

She’s a calling cast and recently broke up with Lerumo because she met another man in Canada!

Other storylines on the show include:

Lerumo will come back from his studies. He and Seipati will continue their romantic relationship and it’ll only be a matter of time until Bohang loses the plot and gets jailed!

Lerumo will definitely get promoted when Bohang leaves the show.

Scandal plays on ETV, Monday to Friday at 19:30.


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