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Inside AKA’s Murder| Bodyguard Exposes Security Blunders

The bodyguard of the late musician AKA, Anwar “Dogg” Khan, has shared details about the night the rapper was killed.

During a recent interview on the e.TV program “My Guest Tonight with Annika Larsen,” which aired on March 21st, Khan, who had been AKA’s bodyguard for eight years, disclosed security errors that were made in Durban when the rapper was murdered.

In the interview, Khan not only shared his account of the events that occurred on the night of AKA’s death but also revealed some new insights into the incident that were previously unknown.

The late rapper AKA [Image Credit: AKA/Instagram]

According to Khan, AKA did not have any plans to visit Florida Road on the night he was killed, and he would have intervened to prevent him from going if he had been aware of the plan.

He acknowledged that proper protocol was not followed on the night of the incident.

In my absence, protocol was breached. Kiernan was called and invited to go to Florida Road (Wish) which he accepted and he went. Had I been there, that protocol would not have been breached, simply because that call would’ve came through the road manager,” Dogg said.

Social Media Buzz| Netizens React To AKA’s Bodyguard Interview

Khan’s revelations in the interview have confirmed suspicions that many people had about the circumstances leading up to AKA’s death.

However, his account has also raised more questions than answers. Many social media users have been questioning why AKA’s road manager allowed him to go to Durban in the first place, despite potential security risks.

In addition, some netizens have speculated that AKA’s assassination may have been premeditated, suggesting that his close associates or others may have played a role in his death.

Check out some of the reactions;


Everyone who worked with AKA is a suspect. I no longer give a fuck. Whether you cried at the memorial, whether you have him as your dp, whether you have access to his Twitter logins, whether he listed you as an executive producer, I don’t care. Nonke, ninyile! #JusticeForAKA


The bodyguard just confirmed what I asked before. Why was he at Wish? He shouldn’t have been there, to begin with. He was supposed to go to a hotel then to his gig then back to the hotel then home the next day. They planned it. His bodyguards were gonna protect him.Yoh💔💔


Aka’s security says he wouldn’t have allowed any side movements meaning he wasn’t even supposed to be at Wish🤷‍♂️it was outta plan…question goes back to my earlier post “who was responsible for the Durban Gig” 🤷‍♂️


AKA was surrounded by snakes…People who killed him made sure that it all goes down in Durban so that we can suspect (you know who) anyways #JusticeForAKA

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