Major League DJz-Image Source@InstagramMajor League DJz-Image Source@Instagram

In Pictures: Major League DJz Hang Out With Remy In London

By now, it’s no surprise to see Bandile and Banele Mbere of Major League DJz rubbing shoulders with international stars like it’s nothing. Recently, the pair was snapped partying it up with Nigerian musician Rema in London.

Residency at Outernet London

The dynamic duo has a residency at Outernet London, which began on June 3 and will conclude on Saturday. They have been captivating audiences with their incredible performances and energetic shows.

Major League DJz-Image Source@Instagram
Major League DJz-Image Source@Instagram

Sharing the Experience on Social Media

Bandile and Banele have been actively sharing their residency experience on social media. They have been posting captivating snapshots from their shows and engaging with their fans. In one of their posts, they expressed their excitement for the upcoming Saturday show in London, anticipating an extraordinary night of music and entertainment.

Strategic Decision for Residency

Major League DJz-Image Source@Instagram
Major League DJz-Image Source@Instagram

In a previous interview with TshisaLIVE, Banele shared the reasoning behind their residency choice. He explained that London is a significant hub for dance music, and they believed they had a substantial fan base in the UK. The duo independently planned and financed their residency, marking the first of its kind in London. They aim to expand and enhance it each year, building on their success and growing fan base.

Album in the Works

Major League DJz has not only been focused on their residency and live performances but has also been diligently working on a new album. They are set to release their own project in June, with the finishing touches being applied to the mastering process. With a sense of accomplishment for what they have achieved so far, they are now eager to further develop their musical endeavours and foster stronger relationships within the industry.

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