Lerato Kganyago-Image Source@InstagramLerato Kganyago-Image Source@Instagram

In Pictures: Lerato Kganyago Shows Off Luxurious Birthday Presents

Lerato Kganyago, the well-known media personality, recently celebrated her birthday in grand style, as she was showered with lavish presents and thoughtful gifts.

Thanking Her Hubby with a Rolex

Excited about the birthday surprises, Lerato took to her social media timeline to share a picture of herself posing with beautiful bouquets and the extravagant gifts she received. Among the presents, she proudly showcased her first Rolex, expressing her heartfelt gratitude to her husband, Thami Ndlela, in a touching Instagram story captioned “Mr N” with a heart emoji.

A Loving Husband’s Grand Gestures

Thami Ndlela, Lerato’s husband, is known for going above and beyond to make special occasions truly memorable for his wife. On Valentine’s Day earlier this year, he arranged a private performance by international R&B superstar Kenny Lattimore, making it a day Lerato will cherish forever.

Venturing into the Hospitality Industry

In 2020, Lerato made a bold move into the hotel and restaurant business, thanks to the thoughtful gift from her husband, the 12 On Hillel Villa and Spa in Mzansi.

However, earlier this year, Lerato revealed that she had taken a step back from her ownership role in the establishment to focus on other business endeavors. Despite this decision, she continued to share videos and images of her visits to the hotel, which sparked discussions among social media users questioning the authenticity of her statement.

Lerato Kganyago-Image Source@Instagram
Lerato Kganyago-Image Source@Instagram

Proudly Supporting Her Husband’s Brand

Addressing the concerns and speculations, Lerato spoke candidly to TshisaLIVE, emphasizing that though she might no longer hold the position of an owner, she remains an ardent supporter of the brand because it is her husband’s creation.

“I will always be a part of it. It belongs to people close to me, so I will always be affiliated with the brand. Whether I decide to return as a partner, step back, or become a silent partner, I will always be there. It is something that belongs to my husband, and I support him wholeheartedly because whatever is his, I embrace it.

“I am supporting openly with no regrets. I think many times I made premature decisions because I was overly concerned about what others were saying. Now I do what pleases my heart and supports my family.”

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