Imbewu The Seed March Spoilers: KaMandonsela Gets Attacked In Prison


KaMandonsela gets jailed!

Even though Fikile now knows that her boyfriend’s mother is actually alive,

Nkululeko will still hide the truth about his mother’s whereabouts next month.

He will feel guilty about KaMandonsela’s getting sentenced to prison but he won’t do anything about it when Fikile warns him to keep quiet about his mother’s whereabouts.

KaMandonsela is going to get severely attacked in prison towards the end of March… Which will probably convince Nkululeko to confess about his mother in April.


The outcome?

 MaZulu is going to strip him of his father’s shares because she’s never liked her stepson and wants her son, Zithulele to gain his shares and fully run Shongololo Oil.

We are going to see MaZulu contesting Ngcolosi’s will in the beginning of March and showing up at a shareholders’ meeting demanding to know how the company is run.

The confession will be the end of Nkululeko. He might end up homeless like his mother, but might be pardoned for jail if he plays his cards right. His mother might also save him and come back and deny that her son knew anything about her faking her death.


Fikile will play dirty next month…

She’s going to get someone to slash MaZulu’s tyres to protect her boyfriend. Sounds familiar? Nkululeko might break up with Fikile when he learns how dirty she plays because she’ll remind him of his mother.

This will be a great time for him to rethink about getting back together with his baby-mama.


Nokuzola’s abortion…

Nokuzola is going to be welcomed back to the Bhengu house as a makhoti and will have an abortion when she realizes that she’s pregnant. 

She will tell her husband that she doesn’t want the baby, have an abortion against his will, and lie about the whole thing, claiming to have had a miscarriage.

The abortion will be the end of their relationship because nothing remains hidden forever. The fact that she aborted her husband’s baby means that she secretly doesn’t love him.

Nokuzola might still have feelings for Nkululeko, but will they get back together? If Nkululeko is stripped of his father’s shares, he’ll have an affair with her to get back at his brother and step-mother. 

The affair will mean the end of Nkululeko and Fikile’s relationship and the end of Nokuzola and Zithulelo’s marriage.


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