Big Zulu and Emtee-Image Source@InstagramBig Zulu and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram

‘I’m not going to feature a wack rapper’ Emtee Refuses To Collaborate With Big Zulu

Rapper Emtee has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of working with fellow artist Big Zulu. The feud between the two rappers dates back to the release of Big Zulu’s diss track “150 Bars,” to which Emtee responded with his own track titled “Umuntu Ophaphayo.”

Live Instagram Diss

During a recent Instagram live session, one of Emtee’s followers suggested that he should consider collaborating with Big Zulu, given his success with the hit song “Imali Eningi.” However, Emtee quickly dismissed the idea, expressing his unfavorable opinion of Big Zulu’s artistic abilities.

Emtee calls Big Zulu Wack

Big Zulu-Image Source@Instagram
Big Zulu-Image Source@Instagram

Emtee explicitly stated, “I am not going to feature a wack rapper on a song of mine.” He did not mince words while expressing his views on Big Zulu’s talent. Emtee criticized Big Zulu’s flow, describing it as “wack,” and labeled his wordplay as uninspiring.

Fashion Sense Diss

Aside from their musical differences, Emtee also took a jab at Big Zulu’s fashion sense in another Instagram live session. This came after some of Emtee’s followers accused him of wearing counterfeit clothing. Emtee vehemently denied the allegations, defending his fashion choices.

Emtee fired back, saying, “This guy said I wear fake clothes. My friend, don’t disrespect me like that. I wear authentic clothing, such as The North Face from The North Face store. I own numerous pairs of Jordans, and none of them are fake. If you ever see me wearing counterfeit clothing, go ahead and kill me. How about that?”

Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)
Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

Emtee confidently stated that he wears only genuine, original clothing and emphasized that he is not like Big Zulu, who he believes wears fake attire. He even offered to undergo a quality check to prove the authenticity of his wardrobe.

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