iFani and AKA-Image Source@InstagramiFani and AKA-Image Source@Instagram

iFani Pays Tribute To AKA In A Sweet Song Dedication

In a heartfelt gesture, South African rapper iFani Haymani has released a new song as a tribute to his late long-time rival, AKA. The track, titled “We Were Young,” features up and coming artist Bravo Leroux and serves as a homage to AKA’s profound influence on South Africa’s hip hop industry.

A Devastating Loss: AKA Tragically Murdered in Durban

The untimely death of the renowned hip hop artist and performer AKA left fans across the nation in shock and sorrow. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, widely known as AKA, was fatally shot outside a restaurant in Durban on February 10th, 2023. AKA and his friend, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, were ambushed by two armed men as they made their way to their vehicles. This heartbreaking incident occurred when AKA was only 35 years old.

Authorities are still investigating the motive behind this tragic act, with unanswered questions lingering five months later.

Respect Amidst Rivalry: iFani Reflects on His Relationship with AKA

Despite their public feud, iFani emphasizes the mutual respect he shared with AKA. The conflict between the two artists dates back to 2014 when AKA accused iFani of selling his album to the alcohol brand Redds. However, iFani refuted these allegations in his documentary, “The Close-Up,” setting the record straight and dispelling any misconceptions.

iFani-Image Source@Twitter
iFani-Image Source@Twitter

Heartwarming Reception: Fans Commend iFani’s Tribute

On social media platform Twitter, fans have expressed their appreciation for iFani’s touching homage to the late hip hop artist. The tribute has sparked speculation among some that this may mark a significant return for iFani in South Africa’s hip hop industry.

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