Teko Modise-Image Source@TwitterTeko Modise-Image Source@Twitter

‘I was paid R2 000 at Ria Stars’ Teko Modise Shares His Journey As A Soccer Star

Renowned soccer star Teko Modise recently opened up to SuperSport, revealing fascinating details about his early career. He reminisced about his time at Ria Stars, his first professional club, where he earned a modest salary of R2,000 before tax. Modise disclosed that during this period, he shared accommodation with Abednigo Netshiozwi and allocated R600 for housing expenses. With the remaining amount, he paid for a cellphone contract, leaving him with just R200 to cover his remaining costs.

Sharing Wisdom: Teko Modise as a Nedbank Cup Ambassador

Modise, who now serves as one of the Nedbank Cup ambassadors, is also actively involved in mentoring and advising young and aspiring soccer talents. Sunday World reports that the former Bafana Bafana superstar is dedicated to imparting his knowledge and experiences to the next generation.

Teko Modise-Image Source@Twitter
Teko Modise-Image Source@Twitter

Transitioning Lifestyles: Teko Modise’s Financial Adjustments

Modise’s success in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle, including spending R50,000 on sneakers and owning four cars. However, he eventually chose to make significant adjustments to his spending habits. The soccer star explained, “I downgraded my lifestyle… I got a smaller apartment, sold three of the four cars I had, and instead of blowing R50,000 on sneakers, I would just get one pair.”

Adapting to Change: Teko Modise’s Cape Town City Move

Modise further shared his experiences of facing criticism and gossip when he made these lifestyle changes. As a result, he found that his circle of friends significantly diminished. Despite the challenges, he successfully transitioned to Cape Town City, where he earned a salary that was drastically different from his previous income at Mamelodi Sundowns.

Reactions from Fans: Acknowledging Teko Modise’s Contributions

Teko Modise-Image Source@Twitter
Teko Modise-Image Source@Twitter

Fans have taken to social media to express their admiration and respect for Teko Modise:

  • @Batebang: “Teko Modise was a brilliant player. He is an even better analyst of the game. I’m always impressed with how he reads the game.”
  • @kay_mahapa: “As much as Teko Modise at Pirates was GOAT level. I’m glad that period at Sundowns happened because I can’t imagine his baller status being put into question by my son because he Googled Teko and didn’t see silverware next to his name.”
  • @FahdySwaleh: “Wish Teko Modise could give us one last season before retiring literally.”

Teko Modise’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring soccer stars, illustrating the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and making wise financial choices. Through his role as a Nedbank Cup ambassador, he continues to motivate and guide the younger generation in their pursuit of success both on and off the field.

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