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“I Was Misunderstood”: Actress Ayanda Borotho’s Stance on Polygamy Sparks Death Threats

Shaka iLembe actress Ayanda Borotho recently shared her experiences of encountering death threats and enduring cyberbullying on social media platforms.


The actress and activist told Daily Sun that she was attacked for speaking up about polygamy.

“I was following one of the shows where women were forced to accept girlfriends as the second wife or third wives. I observed that the show was misleading viewers. As a result, I even mentioned that the issue of polygamy solely depends on the first wife.

“Culturally, a man can never initiate the process of taking a second or next wife. Only the first wife has the right to initiate that process and when there’s a need for it,” she said.

The show in question is Mnakwethu that airs on Mzansi Magic and is hosted by polygamist Musa Mseleku.

Ayanda Borotho revealed that she began receiving death threats on social media, expressing her deep concern and unease.

Despite the seriousness of the threats, she chose not to file a formal complaint as she was unable to identify the individuals responsible for the alarming messages.

“I didn’t want to waste my time on faceless people. I simply carried on with my life,” said Ayanda.

The former Isibaya actress said the incident happened two years ago and she wanted to emphasises that she is not against polygamy.

“These death threats happened two years ago and I think I was seriously misunderstood. I am not against polygamy, but I am against a procedure where women are forced into it. I am against the idea where men initiate it instead of the first wife.

“At that time I was vocal about it. I felt strongly about it, but never reached out to the presenter of the show or the channel. I simply did not see the need to do so. I have since closed that chapter and decided to concentrate on other things,” Ayanda said.


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