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“I Wanted Answers About My Money”: Simphiwe Ngema Confirms Visiting Thabo Bester In Prison 

Former Muvhango actress Simphiwe Ngema was the celebrity who reached out to Thabo Bester during his time in prison.

 The actress has confessed to getting in touch with convicted criminal Thabo Bester putting an end to the speculation and confirming the rumors that have been circulating a few days ago.

Despite the rumors that other celebrities, such as MaMkhize, had reached out to Thabo Bester, those reports have now been deemed false.

Initially, many people dismissed the rumor that Ngema had reached out to Bester as yet another falsehood, but her subsequent admission to making contact confirmed the speculation to be true.

Thabo Bester, despite being presumed dead, was allegedly involved in various activities, using different names to conceal his true identity.

According to Ngema, Thabo approached her while posing as TK Motsepe and claimed to be well-connected in the entertainment industry, arranging several successful business meetings on her behalf.

However, Simphiwe maintained that she was not aware of his real identity as Thabo Bester at the time.

Regrettably, according to Simphiwe Ngema, her dealings with Thabo Bester resulted in financial losses as he failed to pay her what was owed.

She revealed that she even visited him in prison once in a quest to get answers regarding her money.

Simphiwe emphasized that she, like all other victims, wanted to know the truth behind Thabo Bester’s actions and requested that the media refrain from portraying them in a negative light.

Simphiwe expressed her frustration in the caption saying:

Stop using his Victims as a tool for distraction. Someone needs to make those records public. So many innocent people are getting hurt from all of this. My family can’t be dealing with this again. After 5years!!!


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