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‘I prayed for them’ DJ Zinhle denies undergoing b*ob job

DJ Zinhle has denied going under the knife to enhance her breasts, contrary to what social media users were speculating about after seeing her recent photos.

The renowned DJ shared pictures of herself showing off her cleavage, and some people believed that she had undergone surgery to achieve a firmer and larger set of boobs. However, Zinhle mocked the rumours and responded by saying that she prayed for the b*obs.

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It’s worth noting that Zinhle had previously expressed her desire to enhance her breasts for her partner, Murdah Bongz. A source close to the DJ revealed that she had talked about fixing her breasts, but she did not believe in surgery. Instead, she opted to work out to achieve her desired results.

Despite her previous comments, Zinhle remains firm in her denial of undergoing any surgical procedure.

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Fans show DJ Zinhle some love on social media

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to face criticism or speculation regarding their appearance, and Zinhle is no exception. The Dj has been the target of internet trolls for some time now. People have mocked her for the ways she co-parented with AKA and her close relationship with the Forbes family.

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Recently, DJ Zinhle has been the target of Twitter backlash when she mourned for AKA. Many people would attack her for disrespecting her new husband Murdah Bongz. However, this time fans have shown support for the DJ, saying that she looks good with her new chest, whether it’s surgery or just breastfeeding.

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