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“I Lost A Lot Of Endorsement Deals”| Bujy Opens Up As Boity Drops Charges Of Assault

It has been over a year and a half since the well-known radio and TV personality Sthembinkosi ‘Bujy’ Bikwa and media sensation Boity Thulo were involved in a notorious incident.

Bujy was apprehended and faced charges of assault with the intention to cause serious injury for throwing a glass at her.

However, after a prolonged legal process and thorough investigation, Boity has decided to withdraw the charges against Bujy, allowing him to finally embrace a life of freedom.

Bujy tells ZiMoja that he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“I was struggling to get work because of this pending case. I was shamed and lost a lot of endorsement deals and I needed a lot of healing. It has not been easy but I have been fighting for my life,” Bujy said. 

He added that Boity dropped the charges after he received counselling and they underwent a mediation process with the Midrand Magistrates’ Court.

“Boity and I spoke, we realised both our mistakes, we hugged and agreed it’s time we move on and be civil towards each other. Things will not be the same, but we can try,” he said.

Bujy does not condone violence and said he has learned there are some issues that he needs to deal with.

“I am trying to be a better person. But I am grateful for the second chance,” he added.

The Assault

Following a heated argument that erupted at a hotel in Midrand, Johannesburg, the unfortunate incident unfolded between Bujy and Boity.

The pair, accompanied by a group of friends, were enjoying drinks outdoors near the pool area when tensions escalated.

A witness managed to capture audio evidence of Boity and Bujy engaged in a verbal dispute just moments before the sound of shattering glass and distressing screams filled the air.

The recording also captured the voices of others present, attempting to intervene and prevent the alleged assault from taking place.

Other voices were heard trying to stop the alleged assault. Before the sound of breaking glass, Bujy was heard discussing ancestors and Boity’s sangoma calling.

“Do you know what’s the worst part ne, going inside the water and seeing your grandfather and just like Boity’s grandfather bailing out? Is this how weak you are? With such aggressiveness. I don’t need to thwasa,” Bujy said. Boity then responded,” I am a bigger person than him. No one knows who he is. He is like a nobody. Every time he shows up, it’s like, why is this guy around.” Then minutes later, the argument turned violent.


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