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‘I Hope It Protects Me’: Nadia Nakai Clings To AKA’s Crucifix For Security 

Rapper Nadia Nakai recently shared on her Instagram Story that she finds solace in wearing the crucifix belonging to her late boyfriend, the slain rapper AKA.

This act serves as a protective symbol for her, as she continues to grieve his untimely passing.


Continuing to grapple with the loss of her boyfriend, rapper Nadia Nakai opened up on her Instagram Story about a poignant symbol of remembrance: wearing the crucifix of the late Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, widely known as rapper AKA.

The untimely demise of AKA, who was tragically shot outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road on February 10, has left Nadia in a state of mourning.

In her Instagram post, she hinted that AKA was not wearing his crucifix on the night of the incident, adding an additional layer of significance to the crucifix she now wears.

“He once said ‘look babe, I never take off my necklace,’ the one day you did,” she wrote.

“Now I’ll never take it off. I hope it protects me the way I wish it did you,” she continued.

Nadia Nakai Under Fire Over Her Latest AKA Posts

Recently, the South African social media community expressed mixed opinions regarding Nadia Nakai’s ongoing mourning process for her late boyfriend, AKA.

AKA tragically lost his life in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in February this year, after he was shot.

In the past three months, Nadia has been actively sharing numerous posts about her journey in coping with the loss she experienced after dating AKA for slightly over a year, before his untimely passing.

However, it seems that some social media users have expressed their weariness regarding her posts and criticized her for it.


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