Enhle Mbali Rejects Fan Proposal For Boxing Match Against Connie Ferguson

“I Don’t Live To Entertainment You”: Enhle Mbali Rejects Fan Proposal For Boxing Match Against Connie Ferguson

Media personality Enhle Mbali has dismissed the idea of engaging in a boxing match with esteemed actress Connie Ferguson.

Mbali has revealed that she has enrolled in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. She also shared a video of herself in the boxing ring.

Captioning the video, Mbali disclosed that she had joined training in boxing, but had to stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She has now resumed her fitness journey and transitioned from boxing to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“I did boxing for a while and it was fun. I stopped during covid for obvious reasons. I have recently taken up MMA and it’s something!! Loving it.”

The actress said that she is proud of herself and the progress she has made so far.

“Progressed quite a bit, so, I’m quite proud of myself. It’s not like going to the gym, at all. You’re engaged mentally, you’re engaged physically, you’re engaged emotionally. So, it’s tasking but it feels like a relief. Weird enough, I guess I’m for fighting,” she said in the video clip shared.

Enhle Mbali’s fans were intrigued by her decision to join Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and took to the comment section to show their support.

Some fans even recommended that she follow in the footsteps of Cassper Nyovest and organize a celebrity match. One follower suggested that Enhle could entertain them by having a boxing match with Connie Ferguson, considering her prior experience in the sport.

“Sisi @connie_ferguson is also doing boxing if you want to entertain us,” reads the comment.

In response to the follower who suggested a boxing match between her and Connie Ferguson, Enhle Mbali firmly dismissed the idea.

She firmly stated that she does not lead her life solely to entertain others.

“I think both her and I will agree that we’re not that type. Also if you correctly read the caption, you will understand that I’m doing MMA and not boxing. Also, it is week one of my MMA training. I also don’t live to entertain you. I will entertain you through my Craft,” Enhle wrote.

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