House Of Zwide “Shoki” Actress Kgabang Sekhabi Graduates With A BA Degree

House of Zwide actress Kgabang Shalate Sekhabi, who plays the character of Shoki, has shared her joy with the world after recently graduating with a BA degree.

Kgabang attained a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).

Taking to her social media page, she shared pictures and a video of her graduation.

Khabang wore a thigh-high white dress that blended effortlessly with silver strap heels.

“Shoki” was draped in the graduation gown her father wore in 2003. She wrote:

“I’m wearing the same gown my dad wore when he graduated here 30 years ago with a BA in Dramatic Arts, and here I am with my BA in Film and Television🥰”

The actress shared a hearty message on Instagram, recalling how difficult the journey was as she had to balance books and acting on House of Zwide.

“God got me here, all the glory belongs to Him. His grace and mercy are unfailing. The person I am today is not the person I was when I first stepped through these University gates. I am so proud of the woman standing here today, boy is she strong and capable of anything she puts her mind to.

“She inspires me so much, whenever I am low, I will look back on this day, on this journey, and I will pick myself up again the same way she had to, over and over again. Oh Gosh, there is so much I could say about the challenges I’ve faced throughout the years

“It’s been a mentally, physically and spiritually taxing journey, and there were many times where I really thought I wasn’t gonna make it here. Thank you to my mom and dad, family and my friends for carrying me throug till the end.”

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