Nefisa Mkhabela-Image Source@InstagramNefisa Mkhabela-Image Source@Instagram

House of Zwide Actress Nefisa Mkhabela On Building Her Mother a House at 19

Talented House of Zwide actress Nefisa Mkhabela recently shared her inspiring journey on DJ Sbu’s YouTube channel, Hustlers’ Corner. In the interview, she revealed how she managed to build a house for her mother at the young age of 19. Alongside discussing her acting career, Mkhabela also opened up about her academic pursuits and more.

Early Achievements

Mkhabela, now 21 years old, landed her first role while still in high school. During grade eight, she received a call from her agent, informing her about an opportunity with Fergusons Films. The renowned production company wanted to cast her in one of their shows. This opportunity marked the beginning of her acting journey.

Nefisa Mkhabela built her mother a house

Mkhabela’s determination and hard work allowed her to accomplish extraordinary feats at a young age. She proudly shared, “I bought my first car last year when I was twenty, and I managed to build my mom a house when I was nineteen. So, my salary was just going there. I said build it from scratch.”

The Citizen reports that the actress invested her earnings from her acting career into constructing a house for her mother. This incredible act of love and gratitude showcases Mkhabela’s deep appreciation for her mother’s support and sacrifices.

Acting Journey and ‘House of Zwide’

Mkhabela made her acting debut in Ferguson Films’ drama series, Unmarried, in February 2018. Her portrayal of the character Mbali earned her recognition and paved the way for future opportunities.

Nefisa Mkhabela-Image Source@Instagram
Nefisa Mkhabela-Image Source@Instagram

In House of Zwide, Mkhabela embodies the character of Onalerona Molapo. Onalerona’s backstory reveals that she was raised by Isaac Molapo (played by Jeffrey Sekele) after he had stolen her from her biological father, Funani Zwide (portrayed by Vusi Kunene).

Onalerona, a township girl with aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, secures an internship at House of Zwide. This renowned fashion house is owned by her biological father, who happens to be a wealthy and talented fashion designer.

The plot takes an intriguing turn when Onalerona discovers the dark secrets of her past. She learns that Isaac, the man who raised her, was responsible for the murder of her biological mother. Furthermore, he had colluded with Faith Zwide (played by Winnie Ntshaba), her biological father’s wife.

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