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Leeroy Sidambe has once again become the centre of attention, revealing that he fell victim to a scam, losing R200K to an individual posing as the owner of a Capetown villa. The unfortunate incident occurred when Sidambe booked a Capetown villa for his children’s holiday from December 28th to January 4th.

Booking Nightmare Unfolds

As disclosed through screenshots on the gossip blog Maphephandaba, Sidambe’s ordeal began when he booked a Cape Beach Villa on Instagram. The blog shared the entire conversation thread from the pre-payment discussions to the aftermath.

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The villa in Bantry Bay charged Sidambe R18,000 per night for the booking.

False Promises on Instagram

In the chat logs, Leeroy Sidambe expressed interest in a seven-day booking. The alleged company claimed a 50% deposit was required to secure the villa reservation. Sidambe, trusting the transaction, provided his details and made the payment as requested.

Upon his children’s arrival in Capetown, the shocking revelation unfolded that the listed owners on the company’s website were not the actual owners on-site. Frustrated, Sidambe demanded a refund, but the company cited a 5% transaction fee from the actual owners and promised a refund only after reopening business on January 8th.

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Refund Drama and Stranded Family

The delay in processing the refund escalated the situation as Leeroy Sidambe’s family found themselves stranded in Capetown with nowhere to stay. Tensions rose as Sidambe insisted on an immediate refund, considering the urgency of his family’s accommodation needs.

Unable to retrieve his funds, Sidambe resorted to threatening legal action against the company. Traumatized by the entire experience, he claimed to be in Dubai when the scam unfolded. The Cape Beach Villas Instagram page was deleted as the scam gained attention.

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